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Golf Cart Tires Project – Site Mashups

One acknowledged way of attracting visitors to websites it to provide content that is functional and helps to enhance the visitor’s experience of the site. A simple way to do this is to embed a mashup into the site. Mashups are applications that take existing information from various sources, and produce a specific output from this information.

In order to try to attract visitors you need to offer a mashup that they would find useful and provide a valuable service. For our site,, the options are limited as to what would provide the best experience for a visitor, and what would create a reason for them to visit. There is however one such mashup in Oobgolf (

Oobgolf is a mashup that enables people to locate golf courses in a specific location and provides information such a course rating, par, costs, course length etc. By inputting zip code, town or state information they can see all courses located close to that location, and then by clicking on a particular course they can see further information about that course. They also have the option to map directions on how to get to a particular course.

Oobgolf Mashup

It is a simple mashup that only uses 2 APIs as sources of information:

  • Mapquest: Used to provide the graphical maps, directional and location information.
  • Lat49: Used to provide location based online marketing that supplies the golf course information.

The tag cloud for this mashup would be relatively small, and I would suggest would consist of the following terms/phrases:

  • Golf,
  • mapping,
  • sports,
  • course finder,
  • course information,
  • route directions,
  • golf links,
  • ranking.

 By adding Oobgolf to our site we achieve two marketing functions. The first is we provide a reason for people to come to our site. This helps put our name visible in the public domain. If these visitors also tell other people that this utility is available then that could also increase our exposure. Those that use the mashup would then be more likely to return to our site when they require golf cart tires rather than try searching elsewhere.

 The second function of installing the mashup on our site is that it provides extra site content for search engines. Search engines love content on a site and this would provide us with the option to create a new page for this mashup, and fill the rest of the page with keyword rich, but also very relevant, text. This in turn should help our ranking for particular search terms in the various search engines.


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