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Golf Cart Tires Project – Part 3

E-mail marketing solution (unit 6)

 After sales marketing can be a very lucrative market to tap for e-commerce sites. You are dealing directly with customers that have already purchased from you in the past and that increases the chances of repeat custom with targeted email campaigns. By sending out regular emails , for example: on a monthly or quarterly basis, you keep your name fresh in the mind of existing customers and hopefully encourage them to return by the addition of special offers and coupons included in the emails.

Constant Contact is an email campaign system that integrates with Shopsite (our chosen cart platform) and would be the best choice for a Golf Cart Tires mailing system. By combining this system with the mailing list we can extract from the CRM system, we hope to boost orders from repeat customers. The following screenshot shows an example of the type of emails that can be created, as well as listing the functions that the Constant Contact system offers:


Rapid Prototyping Tool (Unit 7)

 The ability to rapidly create a basic graphical representation of a site, called prototyping, is a helpful function when designing and creating sites. It enables the designer to show a concept idea to the customer without the need to physically code the pages. If the software used is then also able to create the code for you based on your design then that is certainly an added feature worth taking. Adobe Dreamweaver is such a piece of prototyping and design software, and is widely regarded as the industry leader in the area. Its use as a design and building tool is invaluable and would be recommended in the redesign of the Golf Cart Tires site.

 A presentation of the features of Adobe Dreamweaver can be found here: Adobe Dreamweaver presentation

Internet Communication (Unit 8 ) – Blog

 Blogs can provide valuable content for a site that can be used both to increase keyword relevance to increase search engine rankings, and provide helpful and instructional information that can attract visitors, who will then hopefully go on to purchase from the e-commerce side of the site. WordPress, the blogging system used to host this blog, is the industry leader, and like Constant Contact emailing system it can integrate with the shopsite platform. Blog writing is a career by itself and a regular stream of content should be uploaded to a site in order to maintain a following; it is an ongoing process not only after a site goes live, but should ideally be performed alongside site development so that a catalogue of posts can be available upon deployment.

Internet Communication (Unit 8 ) – Mashups.

 Another way to attract visitors is to provide up-to-date, current information, about a particular area relevant to the site. Mashups help to provide that information by taking data from various sources and creating a new output with that data. One recommended mashup for use with the Golf Cart Tires site is Oobgolf. This mashup provides geographical information about various golf courses dotted around the US. It also provides information of course length, costs, course par etc. Incorporating this mashup on a page within the golf cart tires site will add content to our site and will hopefully attract more visitors who will go on to buy. More information about the Oobgolf mashup can be found here:  site mashups

Golf Cart Tires Project – Part 4


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